Fully Cooked Specialties

  • Beef Pastrami

    We use lean and tender beef rounds, seasoned with our special spices, then cooked over a slow burning fire to ensure a succulent flavor through and through. Makes an awesome sandwich, or try it spread with cream cheese and wrapped around a pickle spear! Pre-Sliced 12 oz.

  • Blutwurst (Blood Sausage)

    "Grand Champion" A sausage that creates memories! Just like Grandpa's recipe, this sausage is a true masterpiece of days gone by. 1 lb. package

  • Fully Cooked Corned Beef

    "Missouri State Grand Champion" and "Best of Beef Award"
    Lean, tender, juicy and loaded with flavor, this State Grand Champion Corned Beef was also winner of the Best of Beef Award! Its perfect for "Reuben" sandwiches or casseroles. You really have to try this for yourself!
    Pre-Sliced 12 oz.

  • Hickory Smoked Boneless Pork Chops

    They're trimmed extra close and hickory smoked so they are great eating. Fully cooked, just grill or microwave. Vacuum sealed so the goodness is preserved. 6 Packages Total - (2) 4 oz. Chops per package

  • Leberwurst (Liverwurst)

    A unique blend of spices and onions, cooked with pork and liver for an unbelievable taste. You won't believe anything with liver can taste this good! Best served on crackers. 1 lb. package

  • Pit Smoked Beef Brisket

    "Missouri State Grand Champion" An absolutely phenomenal piece of seasoned and smoked beef! Comes pre-sliced in 12 oz. pkgs. Our best selling sandwich in the deli! Just heat and serve with a little beef broth, or your favorite BBQ sauce. Be sure to have plenty on hand as no one can stop at just one sandwich! Pre-Sliced 12 oz.

  • Schwartenmagen (Head Cheese)

    Another sausage recipe that's almost extinct. It takes three long days of cooking, grinding, seasoning, stuffing and then cooking again...but it's worth it! A Swiss Meat & Sausage Co. original recipe that can't be beat! 1 lb. package

  • Sugar Cured, Hickory Smoked Whole Chicken (PACKAGES)

    "Missouri State Grand Champion" Smoking gives the same delicious taste to chicken that it does to turkey. Large meaty chickens are fully cooked and smoked to a delectable golden brown! Order includes 2 chickens (Package approximately 4–5 lbs).

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