Best of Show Breakfast Pastry

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1 pkg. puff pastry sheets
1 lb. Swiss Meats Best of Show Bratwurst
1 1/2 cups fresh mushrooms, sliced (6oz.)
1 medium onion, sliced
1 tsp. garlic powder, optional
salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbsp. butter, divided
12 large eggs
3 Tbsp. cottage cheese
1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, cubed (6 oz.)

Prepare sausage by cooking or grilling to internal temperature of 145 degrees; slice into 1/4” coins. Roll out 2 sheets of puff pastry on a lightly floured surface to the size of 12” x 16”. Place one sheet onto a baking sheet. In a saute’ pan, melt one tablespoon of butter; whisk the eggs and cottage cheese then scramble the mixture and spread onto the bottom pastry sheet within 1” of all sides. Salt and pepper to taste.

In same skillet melt one tablespoon of butter, add sliced mushrooms and onion, sprinkle with garlic powder, if desired. Cook until lightly browned and salt and pepper to taste. Layer the sausage then the onion and mushroom mixture over the eggs, top with cheddar cheese. Cover with the other pastry sheet and crimp the edges. Brush edges of top and bottom pastry lightly with water and seal. With a sharp knife, pierce pastry to create steam vents before baking.

Place into a 400 degrees preheated oven for 20 - 25 minutes of until golden brown.

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