3 Meat Bacon Bomb

1 ½ lb. Swiss Meat Hickory Smoked Bacon

1 lb. Pork Sausage (any flavor)

1 lb. Ground Beef (seasoned)

Brown Sugar (to rub over the roll)

Toothpicks or string to tie

On a cookies sheet, weave the bacon into a large square. Press pork sausage on top of bacon square. Mix any seasoning into your ground beef (hi-temp cheeses, peppers, onion, salt and pepper etc.) Press the ground beef over the pork sausage square. Tighly roll from one edge until the bacon is wrapped around the rest of the meat (like a jelly roll). Use string to tie up the meat roll or toothpicks to secure the ends. Rub a generous amounts of brown sugar on the outside of the meat roll. Smoke over drip pan with hickory or your favorite wood on low to medium heat for approx. q hour or until the internal temp is 160°. Slice and enjoy.

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