Bacon Bombs

1 can (8 count) Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits

cubed Mozzarella Cheese (1" cubes)

2 lbs. Swiss Meat Hickory Bacon

toothpicks or skewers

oil for frying (canola Oil works well)

Cube up the cheese, 1 cube for each Bomb. Cut each biscuit into fourths. Place one cube of cheese inside each biscuit cube (roll it up nice and tight to prevent the cheese from coming out). Wrap each rolled omb in a slice of bacon, and secure it with a toothpick or skewer. In a medium large pot, heat up approximately 2" of oil to 350° and fry the bombs in small batches. The oil will expand, so stay close. Drain them on paper towls and serve them warm.

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