Summer Sausage and Bologna

  • Andouille

    "Missouri State Grand Champion" A cajun ham sausage made with select cuts of ham and seasoned with that spicy "down south" Cajun goodness. Great in your favorite Cajun recipe. 8 oz. chub

  • Buffalo Summer Sausage

    This is another Summer Sausage you won't want to miss. It is made with leans cuts of buffalo and pork that are expertly spiced and hickory smoked to perfection. No refrigeration required, so it is great for traveling. 8 oz. chub

  • elk summer sausage

    For those venison lovers who need a fix fast and can't wait until the season opens, this sausage is made from lean cuts of elk and pork seasoned and spiced with our award winning recipe. Then it is Hickory Smoked to perfection. This sausage requires no refrigeration so it is great to take when you go hunting or on a picnic. 8 oz. chub

  • German Style Braunschweiger

    Our braunschweiger is also a two-time "Best of Show" Winner. You're going to love this one. It's flavorful, smooth and delicately spiced. Great for gifts, snacks and hors d'oeuvres. 12 oz. chub

  • Italian Salami

    This is one of the best Italian Salami's on the market! Delicately seasoned with fennel and anise, then slow smoked over hickory wood. You really have to taste test this one for yourself! Good as a quick snack, for lunch or in salads. Shelf Stable. 8 oz. chub

  • Krakow

    A polish ham sausage containing 100% bits of lean ham, mildly seasoned and hickory smoked to perfection by our Wurstmeister. Just slice, serve and enjoy! 8 oz. chub

  • Old Fashioned, German Style Aged Summer Sausage

    Made with cuts of beef and pork seasoned and spiced with an old family recipe. Smoked over a wood stove with green hickory and sassafras wood, then aged to perfection. Great for gifts, snacks, and hors d'oeuvres. No refrigeration required, so it is great for traveling. NOTE: Shipping only available in Missouri. 12 oz. chub

  • Rhine Valley German Style Bologna

    Two-Time "National Grand Champion" A mouth watering smoked sausage made from extra lean cuts of beef and pork, spiced according to an old German family recipe. It does things for sandwiches and snacks and is absolutely great for hors d'oeuvres. 8 oz. chub

  • Rhine Valley Sweet Bologna

    "Missouri State Grand Champion"
    This is another grand champion winner. It is made with the same fine ingredients as our German Style Bologna but with a sweeter flavor. Great for sandwiches & snacks!
    8 oz. chub<

  • Smoked Sausage with Cheddar & Pepper Cheese

    One of our "Best of Show" winners. This sausage is a great taste combination for those cheese lovers who also like a little sweet and heat in their meat. Fully cooked just slice and eat! 8 oz. chub

  • Spicy Pepperoni Style Sausage

    An extremely lean version of a popular pepperoni. Ours is boasting with tremendous flavor and is great not only on pizza, but in pasta dishes or side salads. Once you try it, you'll never buy another Pepperoni! It is also shelf stable. 8 oz. Chub

  • Summer Sausage with Cheese & Jalapenos

    "Missouri State Reserve Grand Champion"
    If you like summer sausage with a little extra "zing" to it, you'll love this one made with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Shelf stable.
    8 oz. Chub

  • Swiss Brand Summer Sausage

    "Best of the Midwest" Award Winner" and two-time "Missouri State Champion"
    This pick of the smokehouse is a great way to delight family and friends. Hickory smoked and delicately spiced, this sausage requires no refrigeration.
    8 oz. chub

  • Thuringer

    Made with lean cuts of beef and pork, seasoned with old world spices and slow smoked for 12 hours over a hickory fire. A true European sausage that's been produced for centuries in Germany. This is a classic North American version. Great for snacking, sandwiches and hordeurves. Shelf Stable. 8 oz. chub

  • Venison Summer Sausage

    Having a touch of "deer" fever? Well don't fret, we can heal your yearning for that wonderful Venison Summer Sausage any time of the year! Mixed with 50% pork to create a moist and flavorful sausage this one of a kind comes in a convenient chub ready to slice and eat. 8 oz. chub

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