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  • I visited 06-27-2023, at the direction of my Brother in Law. Your Blood Sausage was very good but I'm a Blutwurst fan anyway. The Scrapple was awesome, we had the cook the entire amount. Topped with grape jam and over easy eggs on Brioche toast, my son considered it a gourmet breakfast. Thank you for the great service and the excellent selection.

    Mike E. Quincy, IL
  • We drive over 150 miles to stock up on your Bacon, Brats, and other Sausage. Excellent products, well worth the drive and fairly priced. Your customer service people are great to work with – keep up the good work.

    Rick E. St. Louis, MO
  • I had never before used Swiss Meat Company for meat processing. I can tell you, they are now my go to meat processing company. I had half a hog processed, they were friendly, patient, and more than helpful when trying to decide what would best suit myself and my family’s tastes. The breakfast sausage is the best we’ve ever had, the bacon had just enough smoky flavor without being over powering. There is definitely something to be said for freshly processed meats. Superb quality at a decent price. Will recommend them and use them exclusively for my processing needs.

    Jenn H.
  • Swiss Meat are wizards of meat processing. They are friendly, respectful and easy to get along with. Swiss has helped us make a superior product which we sell Nationwide.

    John A. La Plata, MO
  • SayersBrook Bison Ranch has been doing business with Swiss for over 20 years. Swiss employees always go above and beyond expectations. The quality of their work is superb and they provide excellent customer service. SayersBrook could not maintain our good name and reputation without the assistance of Swiss Meat & Sausage Co.

    Brandi C. SayersBrook Bison Ranch
  • Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication processing our orders, not only this past week but the past couple years. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of service you’ve provided. Ever. Thanks again for the continued support and service.

    Kluesner Farms and Mac’s Local Buys
  • As someone who spends much of his days planning and evaluation elements of service in the healthcare sector I’ll say this: You guys really have your act together in the area of customer service and relationship building. That’s probably one of the reasons so many people, myself included, drive so far to get you’re giving. Oh, and you do a great job with meat, too!

    Barry W.
  • Bar none, the best sausage and brats on the market. They have the perfect amount of spice & flavor to complement the meats without overpowering. Order more than you think you’ll want – I promise you’ll eat them!

  • Bar none, the best sausage and brats on the market. They have the perfect amount of spice & flavor to complement the meats without overpowering. Order more than you think you’ll want – I promise you’ll eat them!

    L. Sheppard Cave Creek, AZ
  • I was so excited that I won a half a hog from the Franklin Co. 4H. But when I heard it was going to be processed by Swiss, I felt like I won the lottery! Swiss Meat & Sausage Co have the best brats and sausage.

    A. Trautman St. Clair, MO
  • I found Swiss Meats while looking online for Authentic German Aged Sausage. I first tried the sampler pack, the shipment was very prompt and the product was just like I hoped. Needless to say I called back and ordered a bulk supply of the German Aged Sausage which they promptly filled. The flavor and texture of the sausage is outstanding.

    Brad S. Jackson, MO
  • Dear Swiss Meat & Sausage Co; We place our first order with your company recently. After receiving our order and enjoying the ham, brats and other items, we just had to send a note and say – your ham, bacon, and brats are truly the VERY BEST we have EVER HAD! WOW- I really can’t remember when a ham had such great flavor- it was PERFECT and we enjoyed every bite! We always try to support family owned businesses and yours is at the top of our list. Thanks for a great first experience with your company- from ordering, to the way it arrived perfectly, to the wonderful meats and ham. Truly a wonderful company with a wonderful product. Thanks for making us feel like “family” we will be ordering again soon.

    John & Paula B. Bonham, TX
  • Dear Bill and All Staff, The Red Hat Divas of Waterloo, IL give a huge thank you to all. Bill gave us a wonderfully informative tour on Sept 25. All employees and family were professional and friendly. What a great day! Wishing you continues success for many years to come. THANKS!

    Red Hat Divas
  • Friday, August 9, we competed in the “Show Me State Tailgate Throwdown” BBQ contest at the Missouri State Fair. We won 2nd place in Brats with Swiss’ Bacon & Cheddar Potato; Smoked 2 hours with hickory wood, we served them inside Asiago Cheese Rolls. I want to thank you for this excellent bratwurst and share the good news!

    James S. Fulton, MO
  • Swiss Meat & Sausage has the best Brats ever made! We love grilling them, or in a pan. The taste is amazing compared to store brands or national brand leaders. Plus, local company in Missouri raising animals very sustainable and responsibly. Love all the products.

    Gabriele S. St. Peters, MO
  • I drive five hours because Swiss meats is the one place I know I can purchase all Natural meat products that is all grass-fed with no steroids or antibiotics. My father who is seventy-five years old and of german decent who grew up on a farm making his own meat hasn’t eaten the age old sausage like Swiss Meat since he was a little boy.

    Becky H. Portageville, MO
  • Swiss Meats are the best! I haven’t tasted one from Swiss Meat I haven’t liked. My wife loves the Butter Garlic and I love the Swiss Brand Brats. Your meats are very lean and full of flavor. I challenge anyone to try your meat and not fall in love with the taste!

    Allan S. Huntersville, NC
  • My husband and I have been coming to your store for the last 5 years and absolutely love it. You have such a wide and great variety of sausage, ham, ect. I would love to have a catalog so if not able to visit due to weather, we would still be able to order. Your brats are so good for barbequing. A GREAT JOB!!!

  • I buy a stick of Braunschweiger for my Grandson for making Honor Roll, he loves it! I also buy Andouille for a Granddaughter for also making Honor Roll in school.

    Mary H. Boss, MO
  • The ½ cow we ordered was delicious. The meat was tender and the cuts were perfect. I also tried your Mom’s recipe (God Bless Her) of Summer Sausage Anti Pasta Salad. It was delicious. I used the Italian dressing – all these years I was using a mayonnaise mixture. This recipe was delicious. You have a wonderful business – clean, friendly people – that you should be very proud of. Thank you.

    Bonnie G. St. Peters, MO
  • 1st time in today what a treat! Staff friendly and helpful. Samples food and service the best I have seen in a long time! Love the wurst and my favorite snack now is the Green Bean Crisp! Planning on visiting every time we go to Hermann!

    Lorie C. Crocker, MO
  • As a young child I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, every fall my father would meet up with his buddy in Missouri and hunt and dad would hope like crazy he would get a deer because that meant a few months later we would enjoy the best sausage I ever had. I never knew where Dad went hunting or where that delicious sausage came from I just knew I loved it. Many years later Dad moved to New York and oddly enough I found myself living in married in Missouri. My husband hunter and we had sausage made and every year I found myself saying and wishing that it was as amazing as sausage that my dad and I shared growing up. Years went by then at friend’s house one day they brought out a sausage and cheese platter for an appetizer and my taste buds immediately recognized what I tasted and I was whisked away to my childhood days. I said to my husband “This is it! This is just like I’ve been telling you I wanted the sausage to taste like!” Our friends said where we could find our amazing sausage and we too could “enjoy your sausage”. The interesting part of the story is that I rarely speak to my father, however I called him one father’s day right after the sausage tasting. In the conversation I told him that it tasted just like the stuff he had made growing up. He asked where we brought it to for processing. To my amazement my father said yes that Swiss was the same place he had his deer processed and where the delicious sausage I so fondly remembered came from. As it turned out Dad had hunted just a few miles away from here. It’s funny the things you remember as a kid and sitting there as a kid with my dad enjoying cheese and sausage was and was always will be some of my fondest. Oh year, by the way, I have 2 kids of my own now and what do you know they are HUGE fans. We blow through the snack sticks. Thanks for making such a terrific product that generations love and share!

    Dana M. Foristell, MO
  • Friend took me there a couple weeks ago when on vacation, was treated very well and took home some Knackwurst, was great. Reminded me of when my friend from Washington and I were in Germany many years ago… thanks for being so nice.

    Tom M. Upper Sandusky, OH
  • We always had Johnsonville Brats. We liked them, but after we had (tasted) the Swiss, I said it ruined them for us.

    Peggy B. Barry, IL
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